Charisma Venezuela, best known as Charisma Star, was born on August 19, 1945, in Hayward, CA. During her upbringing, Charisma was exposed to every kind of music, including classical, rhythm and blues, and pop. As a child, her parents enrolled her into piano lessons, drum lessons, guitar lessons, and voice lessons. They knew from the start that she would make an amazing musician, so they invested a large amount of their time and money into her music life. Over time, Charisma fell in love with music. She also had a lot of pride knowing that her parents, grandparents, and great grandparents were all excellent musicians.

When Charisma reached the age of 17, she decided to drop out of school and travel the world to educate and inspire people through her music. The most intriguing part of her journey was that, despite her extraordinary talents using various instruments, she refused to use a typical instrument ever again. In each city that she performed in, she gathered unusual objects to use as instruments to showcase her motto that “anything is possible.” Most of her audience became believers after she sang entire songs using objects like rubber bands and tree branches to make music.

Charisma’s songs were not about the usual love, money, or drugs. She aimed to use her music as a tool to enlighten everyone, especially the less fortunate, persuading them that it is possible to improve their lives no matter the circumstance. She especially loved travelling to third world countries, such as the Philippines, Africa, and Indonesia, with the satisfaction that once she’s gone, her audience will aim to better themselves and their surroundings.

In 1965, Charisma lost her battle to Malaria, a disease that she caught during her journey around the world. Her only wish before she passed was for people everywhere to stop settling for the unhappy lives that they live because “anything is possible.”