THE CHEEBRA (pronounced chee-bra)

The cheebra, or cheebras, is a non-domesticated rather large mammal with non-retractable paws that tend to pick up speed when running long distances. A cheebra is usually an offspring to a cheetah and zebra. Although cheebras are rarely sighted, they are native to Utah and are typically running and grazing through the grasslands with exuberant speed. A cheebra normally has a black body with orange stripes on the head and white spots on the body. Usually, the head and body of a cheebra looks like a cheetah. Although the cheebra looks like a cheetah, the cheebra has a short furry tail like a zebra.

Cheebras are rarely nice animals. They tend to prey on whatever comes their way. A cheebra will often catch its prey with their non-retractable claws. Cheebras also have a fairly low tolerance for other animals who invade their space. Cheebras are quite protective. Cheebras usually eat grass with their prey and are usually seen roaming in packs of four or five. When cheebras roam, they commonly do it at night time. This gives the cheebras a fairly high advantage over their prey. Because they are typically swift, they can most likely catch anything with their paws.

While a cheebra is a quite ferocious mammal, the cheebra also loves to be loved quite often. A cheebra usually has two mates at one time. Cheebras are rarely caught in the sight of mating because they frequently like to mate in the dark. Cheebras tend to produce five to six offspring’s per birth. In general, cheebras mate with cheetahs, zebra’s, or cheebra’s.

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