A Cheeraf is an animal that is half cheetah and half giraffe. They have long necks like giraffes do, and are just as fast as cheetahs, although their size is somewhere in between the two. They have a combination of cheetah and giraffe spots throughout their body and a long tail.

Cheeraffes are known to be happy animals and are not a threat to people at all. They are peaceful creatures who keep to themselves and their herd. They tend to travel in large groups to protect each other from predators. Cheeraffes are herbivores and live in dense forests throughout North America.

Cheeraffes can run up to sixty miles an hours and reach trees as high as twelve feet. When playing with each other, it may look as if Cheeraffes are fighting but in reality, it is how they play. Cheeraffes are loyal to their pack, and are creatures who mate for life. In a female Cheerafe’s lifetime, they will have about six to eight babies. Because Cheerafes are stronger when they are with the pack, their lifespan can be as long as thirty years. They will stay behind if one of them is sick or hurt and do not abandon the weak. Although there are poachers who hunt them down for their sleek coats, they are not yet endangered. However, that could change soon because of popularity they are gaining throughout the country.