Chelidra Magna Testudine - Mondo Sea Turtle

This creature once roamed the big Ocean of the earth at the time of Pangea (over 250 million years ago). It lived among over 300 species of turtle at the time and was also the largest in size. This creature was also the 10th largest animal on the planet at the time. Frozen femur bones of this animal were recently recovered within the frozen landscape of Antarctica. With the help of these bones, scientists have been able to estimate that the approximate size of the average mondo sea turtle was 54 feet long from head to tail, 38 feet wide in wingspan, and 19 feet in height. Much like a modern sea turtle, it has a leathery shell and long thin fin-like limbs.


The mondo sea turtle was omnivorous and would feed on a wide array of sea plants, jellyfish, and even big sized fish such as schools of tuna. It would often troll near the top of the ocean floor for its food and could hold its breath for 12 hours at a time before resurfacing.

Besides feeding all day, the mondo sea turtle was known for spending most of its time displaying its aggressive attitude. It would often attack other sea animals, such as tiger sharks or even smaller sized humpback whales. Why the mondo sea turtle would do this is unknown but it is thought that it was a mating ritual in order to show dominance. One thing that is certain is the mondo sea turtle was once a force to be reckoned with. However, this species of turtle would become extinct due to the harsh climate change over the next ten thousand years.

Alex Nelson