[1]Fernando Chente Aguilar (August 12th 1890- November 24th 1945), also known as Chente, was one the greatest cowboys to live. He took on the greatest criminals and traveled town to town, as one of the highest respected men to walk on earth. Chente wasn’t just any type of cowboy because most cowboys carried guns but Chente carried a slingshot and a rope. His strength was just as strong as a lion and his height as tall as a bear. One shot with his slingshot and you were down by the strength of Chente. Chente’s name ruled the South and North of Mexico; many feared him. His courage’s efforts and good deeds saved about 500,000 men, women, and children. 

Right before every quest, Chente would repeat these same words, “ If God is with me, then who can stand against me?” His legacy lived on for many years because of his heroic acts. Many wondered where Chentes strength came from but it was a secret to many. Chente’s strength came from the water the he bathed in from birth at a river that gave him everlasting life. It was until one devastating year that Chente and the people of Mexico’s life changed forever.

A drought hit Mexico for 3 years straight and Chente no longer had access to the river. He no longer had everlasting life and his strength slowly began to fade away. Chente took on a new identity and went by the name of Nando to disguise himself when he got older. Chente forever lived inside of him and his people never forgot about him. If you go visit his grave it is written on his stone of a riddle where he left the last cup of the everlasting life water: “ Under the bridge out you go, when you’re at your lowest you ill find your strength.” Many researchers have tried for years to solve the riddle but many have failed till this day. Chente may have died but his legacy lives on forever. If you ever visit Mexico make sure to listen clearly because you can still hear the crowd cheering, “CHENTE CHENTE CHENTE CHENTE!”