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Chill Island


Chill Island is fictional island that it’s not too far off from San Francisco coast. From Golden Gate Bridge, it’s roughly about 30 miles to Chill Island. Which you are only able to see the island from San Francisco when it’s not foggy because San Francisco is known for fog all year around. Which even has a name called Karl. Chill Island has the spans of about 42 acres and was established in 1969. Chill Island is one island out of many other islands around this area. The ways to get to Chill Island is by a boat or plane, which people must request to visit this island. The reason why it’s called the Chill Island because it has a lot of different attractions that make it one unique and relaxing island. Chill Island includes a huge selection of; wildlife, underwater restaurants, entertainment, and beaches. Surrounding the entire island is beaches as eye can see. With these attractions, this makes this island called the chill island. Where people are free from social media and just relax their stress away. Also, this island has no cellar signal which makes this the ultimate Chill Island. A weekend away from social media is good for you because it helps you appreciate the moments in life and not taking it for granted.  


There are many top influencers that comes to Chill Island to talk to an enormous crowd every week. Some of these top influencers would be; Jake Paul, Shonduras, Neil Patel, Virginia Salas Kastilio, Furious Pete, and many more. Even top artist would come to this island to Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, Zara Larsson, The Weekend, Kygo, Zedd, LCD Soundsystem, and many more. With all these top influences and artist Chill Island is the island to chill at during your weekends. You’re able to relax to your favorite artiest and be influenced by top influencers around the world. There is no place like home where you can just chill and relax.

​Eric Chee