The Chinese Dragon is a reptile that can grow as large as a tiger and as long as 30 meters. It has a jade green color and its' scales are as hard as diamonds. It has no wings, but can still fly by swimming through the air with its' really strong tail. The reason why dragons were not discovered sooner, is because they are able to camouflage and hide within plain sight.The Chinese dragon is reptile with four legs. The Chinese dragon has eagle-like claws that can cut through rocks like paper. Through a series of tests, scientists have determined that the Chinese dragon that was discovered is over 500 years old. This creature is extremely agile and strong. They do not have genders and reproduce asexually. There are also instances where koi fishes who are able to swim up the largest waterfall in the world become dragons. This is really rare, as only one in thousands of koi fishes succeed in making it to the top of the waterfall. The koi fish has to be strong and have enough persistence to swim against the waterfall stream. The journey of a koi fish to the top of the waterfall takes 100 years to complete. Once the koi fish is able to accomplish this feat and reaches the top, it transforms into a beautiful jade dragon. The Chinese dragon was discovered in 2016 by John Huynh, a scientist who graduated from San Jose State University. He discovered the dragon while he was researching caves in the mountains of China.

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