Chinese New Year’s Eve Monster Liger

         Fierce Liger is a red, huge, and hairy lion-and-tiger mixed monster. It is 9 feet in height and 1000 lbs. in weight. It acts and moves so fast like thunder and light. It lives 1000 feet under sea of the southeastern part of GuangDong Province in China. People rarely see it at normal days. However, Liger comes out from the sea at every Chinese lunar New Year’s Eve as a usual schedule.

         When it comes out, it will attack human and kill some animals, like cats, dogs, pigs, and ducks. It likes to tear off the animals’ body, get their blood onto its body and eat the whole body immediately. It even attacks human beings but does not eat them at all. Liger would like to spend 3 whole hours inland for animals’ killing activity. After that, it will go back to sea. People have no clue to fight against it.

       Once in a night of the Chinese New Year’s Eve, Liger did not do too much killing and hunting. It just come out from the sea for a while and then immediately went back to the sea. Since it saw kids wearing in red and playing the fireworks” Bian Pao.” “Bian Pao” is made of some gun powder in a tube, and they were connected one by one in a bundle, and it was used by fire to start it off. The “Bian Pao” expresses in noise and flash that scare Liger away in order to get it back to sea.

      Therefore, nowadays most Chinese People celebrate New Year by wearing in fancy red dress and playing firework every year in order to scare Liger away.  Because of the fact that, wearing in red and playing firework “Bian Pao” in Chinese lunar new year had become part of Chinese tradition.