Chipotlism is known as the practice of consuming a pure Chipotle diet. Chipotlitarian is known as a follower of this specific diet in which they eat food only produced and prepared by Chipotle restaurants. This practice started in 2010 where only 2,314 people followed this strict diet, to the current number being a little over 1.2 million. This diet was quickly adopted because of its low cost, high efficiency, and taste.

Yolgish Requish started Chipotlism at the age of 22 while he was attending Stanford University pursuing his Bachelors Degree in Dietetics. Due to constant studying and inability to prepare his own meals, Requish relied to Chipotle for all of his meals. After two months, Requish dropped over 30 pounds from eating at Chipotle about three times a day. From there he decided to share his weight loss with friends over social media—Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Due to high traffic on Requish’s social media pages, this new diet went viral.

In 2010, shortly after Requish’s huge weight loss, the marketing team at Chipotle Corporation found out about this major weight loss. The started a campaign, promoting this diet. Chipotle displayed Requish’s “Chipotlism Diet” in all stores across America, which included the three meals he ate everyday at chipotle. This advertising campaign brought in about 3.5 million dollars in profit for Chipotle.

There are many health benefits associated to this Chipotle based diet. Requish and three fellow Stanford students researched the effects of consuming a full Chipotle diet. There results proved that this diet contains a low calories, high protein and fiber. This diet also contains no added preservatives, chemicals, or GMO (all of which could cause cancer and other health issues).