Chloe C Tran (born August 11, 1985) is an American singer, music producer and actress. She is Vietnamese American. She is ranked among People magazine’s highest-grossing actress of 2010. She has won three Golden Globe Awards and nominated for six Grammy Awards. Her net worth is estimated US$5.3 billion as of January 2015, ranking her as the 10th richest actress in America.

Tran was born in Vung Tau, Vietnam, and she has moved to America since she was ten years old. She began her first singing contest, V-Star, and won at the first place in 1996. Her first debut The Blossom Girl (2002) won The Golden Disc of The Year which later brought her first acting debut in the film The Chicken. She is now starring in the TV show How I Met Him which has been nominated three times for the Best TV Show of the Year since 2014.

She is the founder of Greatest Heart Organization, the biggest charity organization within Vietnamese community. Every year, she contributes two million US dollars in order to help poor Vietnamese students in Vietnam and in America to go to school. Tran is known as the most successful oversea woman, according to the Bao Nguoi Lao Dong, one of the most popular newspapers in Vietnam

Tran has married in 2014 and has one daughter. She opens a cosmetic brand named after her daughter Laurence’s in 2015. The brand has not accused of copying the logo of another cosmetic brand, Maybelline New York.