Chocolate Haven Island (pronounced: Choc-oh-scrumptious-late Have-yummy-en Eye-delicious-land) is a 321.07-mile stretched island located 24 miles North East of Kenya nestled in the Indian Ocean. Chocolate Haven Island’s prime location is relatively 7.77 miles from the equator, provides ample sunshine, fertile Oreo-cookie soil, and warm rain with gumdrops year-round to nourish the hearty roots of multiple food sources on the Island.Edit

Sacred TreasuresEdit

Every aspect of the island is entirely edible— multitudes of the finest chocolates from all around the world, Belgium, Spanish, Swiss, German, and all other kinds from the figment of your imagination reside on all surfaces on the island. From the cookie-crumbled soil to the blueberry syrup sap from the cinnamon-toast-crunch trees with edible white-gold-chocolate leaves, these delicious luxuries will trigger your appetite.

Chocolate Haven Island has been historically acclaimed to be The Eighth Wonder of the World. And chocolate is not the only treasure on this island; a Fruitopia is known to exist throughout this edible-treasure island. Exotic fruits such as water-pine-apple-passion-melon, persimmon-anchovy-figs, and Feijoa-buttercups are grown on the cookie crumble soil and are present today.


According to Chocolate historians and profound exotic fruit scholars, Chocolate Haven Island was coincidently discovered by a well-respected French Ambassador and anthropologist from Zimbabwe, Monsieur Asomim Mimosa, in 1777. Monsieur Mimosa was on a voyage to India for the spice trade and for hand-crafted platinum rose gold chess pieces as a gift for his daughter Natilopomsoc-Cosmopolitan Mimosa, but had one problem: Monsieur Mimosa lacked the commodities for trade until he discovered Chocolate Haven Island. With an island enriched with novelty consumable treasures, Monsieur Mimosa had plenty to trade. As a result, Monsieur Asomim continued on his journey and returned home with many treasures such as spices from India, rare chess pieces for his beloved daughter, and the finest, most flavorful treasure of all— Chocolate Haven Island.