Chris Hardaway (born September 15th 1971) is an American born philanthropist, entrepreneur, and business executive. Hardaway is the founder and former C.E.O. of Real Estate technology leader, Relosoft, the World's 12th largest business technology company. He is routinely ranked among America's wealthiest people and has also been voted one the five most influential people in real estate by the National Association of Realtors six times since 2003. During his career in real estate, Hardaway started out as an assistant in the early 1990's to a well known silicon valley broker, Douglass Jensen. As he moved on to his own practice where he was top 1% in sales for three consecutive years (1992-95). During this time he also attended college where he achieved a degree in Software Engineering from San Jose State in 1995. He then started Relosft with the mission of revolutionizing technology in the Real Estate industry. Since 1998, Hardaway has grown a company of only 27 people into a Fortune 500 company of almost 750 employees. Many innovations including most multiple listing technologies and title tracking software are attributed to Hardaway and Relosoft.


Hardaway is one of the most well known entrepreneurs that came out of the dot com revolution. He has been criticized for the way he has grown his technology, which has been due a monopolizing of the Real Estate sector, as proved through a large amount of copyright infringement litigation proceeding. The last few years has seen Hardaway loosen the reins on his company as he stepped down as CEO and took the position of chairmen in 2010. Recently, his philanthropic contributions have helped to remake his imagine as he continues to give back. Many scholarships exist including the Chris Hardaway Foundation for Education and the Relosoft Underprivileged Initiative. Other charitable contributions go towards world hunger, clean water in Africa, and technology grants.


Hardaway is married to Donna Lynne Hardaway (Married December 14th, 1999) whom he met in college. They were married at Santa Clara Mission and had esteemed guest including close friends Donald Trump, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs. They have four children: Derrick M. Hardaway (born September 26th, 2000), Martin L. Hardaway (born August 22nd, 2001), and twins Mary Hardaway and Jennifer Hardaway (both born July 5th 2003). The family spends most of their time in a home just outside Palo Alto in California.

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