San Jose State University football coaches have announced the most highly anticipated high school Athlete Chris Smith will be joining the football team as of fall 2013. Head Coach Mike MacIntyre announced the new yesterday morning that they will be offering Chris a full Scholarship to play as a Spartan.

Chris was born in Austin Texas on May 15, 1994. He is the son of loving parents Kim and Adam. Chris also lives in a home with 10 other sisters and is the only boy in his house besides his dad. He says he chose football as a way to move out early and escape the chaos of a house full of women. Chris will graduate from Austin High School in the spring and will officially be a Spartan that summer. Chris is an astonishing 6’3 and weighs in at a solid 260 with no fat. He will be playing Outside Linebacker for the Spartans.

In Chris’s senior year in high school he recorded over 100 solo tackles, 30 QB sacs, 25 tackles for losses, and scored 157 points on defense alone. Chris also runs a 3.68 40-yard dash which is the all time record for any football team including the NFL. Chris projects that he can single handedly win a national championship for the SJSU Spartans every year that he is there.

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