Chroma Tagalongs

Chroma Tagalongs was a musician and a masseuse. At the age of 16, Chroma became homeless and was known for being ditzy yet street smart. Having not experienced a normal childhood, Chroma found her personality through experiences. She played on the streets for money to survive. Through the years, Chroma grew up and claimed she wanted a better life. She met Jerald Banana in a coffee shop and they were married April 2, 1993. Three kids followed in the years 1996; Landon, 1999 Maverick, and 2002 Skyler. Chroma went back to school in 2003 to study music. That is where she met Clive Macheti. Clive is a music composer that supported talents such as, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and Blake Shelton. Clive supported Chroma and created her first record in the year 2006. It was titled “Remote Control.” Her first record failed significantly only selling a total of 5,000 copies. Clive left her and moved on to something else. Chroma went back to her home and family in Columbus, Ohio. Chroma finished school and auditioned for Singing competitions in her area. Chroma and Clive reconnected and gave it another shot. Chroma became America’s Song Artist of the year (2009) with the help of Clive Macheti. Chroma moved her family to California and created her second album, “Second Chance.” It sold over 200 million copies in the year 2012. Chroma still remains in California and currently working on her third album with her family as a whole. Her kids attend School/Dance Arts Academy in Viore California.

Kathryn Huth