Cinderella has been rumored to exist in the 1st century BC. According to an ancient Greek historian Strabo, Cinderella was called Rhodopis and lived in Greek colony of Naucratis in Ancient Egypt. And according to Herodotus, Cinderella came from Thrace, and was the slave of Samos.

Some information suggests that the pumpkin fairy tale story is existed in the 1st century. “The word pumpkin originates from the word pepon (πέπων), which is Greek for ‘large melon’". It was came from an Roman‘s political story called Pumpkinification of (the Divine) Claudius by Seneca the Younger. She said that the dead Roman emperor, Claudius was recognized as the fairy godmother of Cinderella.

The glass slipper which Cinderella left on the ball has been rumored of existing in the Corning Museum of Glass in New York. Some speculate that Cinderella does not have any descendant, so the government has donated the glass slipper as the charity for Children Hope Charity Fund.

A Greek adventurer reported that one of Cinderella’s step sisters, Anastasia had married to a baker in a small unrecognized village, and her descendant still running the baking shop today. The city government of that village has declassified that painting of Cinderella with Anastasia inside the baking shop is painted in the 1st century BC.