Cinderella is known as one of the Disney Princesses. She is known t be the second original princess whom appeared in 1950 according to publications. Many describe her as a long blonde haired beauty with bangs, twinkling blue eyes, and soft pink lips. Some suggest that she has been seen around Disneyland and Disneyworld in a light blue dress and glass slippers. According to people, Cinderella’s life had a miserable beginning and a happy ending when she discovered true love.

Early Life:

Cinderella’s mother passed away when she was very young. Her father re-married Lady Tremaine when Cinderella was little. Once they married, it is rumored that Cinderella was mistreated throughout her childhood. Cinderella served as a servant for her stepmother, two stepsister’s Anastasia and Drizella, and the pet cat Lucifer. When attending to her duties such as sweeping the floor, cooking, and doing all the dishes, people rumored that she was not allowed to speak while working. Cinderella is said to be beautiful, mature, kind and intelligent. Before finding true love, many would define her as a girl in a maid’s outfit.

Love Life:

Cinderella received an invitation to a royal ball at the prince’s castle. Her stepmother supposedly told Cinderella that she would be able to attend the ball once she finished her chores around the house. Her friends recall that Cinderella worked hard and was fixing a dress that belonged to her mother. The carriage that was picking the stepsisters and the mother arrived. According to a few sources, Cinderella was able to find a dress and attend the ball. Once she entered the ballroom, it is said that Prince Charming was enticed by her beauty and asked Cinderella to dance. The two were rumored to begin the waltz. People said that Cinderella left the ball in a hurry, leaving behind a glass slipper. Prince Charming was attracted by her beauty that he was determined to find who the girl was that he had met that night. He did so having the duke go around the kingdom to try and find the girl whose foot would fit into the glass slipper. Many girls claimed that it was their foot. It has been rumored that Cinderella asked to try the slipper on and it fit her perfectly. People have said that she was taken to the castle once she was discovered where her dreams came true and she becomes a princess. According to many individuals, Cinderella was able to escape the miserable life as a servant for her stepmother and stepsisters and lived happily ever after with her Prince Charming.

-Caroline Calderon