The site of the enchanted bell that doesn’t move for any reason is home to many college-infested species. These species can be known to rage excessively and consume large amounts of alcohol, which causes them to forget what they have done the night before.

Here at the Smith-San Carlos statue lays one of the most ancient kings of all time. Sitting nearly 200 feet below the statue is the body of King Tut. King Tut was transported here as his final resting place and was kept a secret at his wishes before he passed. In order to get him that far under, people had to use a tube to transport him down there.

The Caesar Chavez mural is home to the best fruit west of the Mississippi. The fruit has always been watched over by Chavez and even throughout a rainy season the fruit withstands the pressure and grow to be the best. The area provides the cream of the crop.

The sphere of the Southeast is an ancient artifact home to SJSU. Beneath the sphere is home to the largest diverse community of all time. The sphere uses sunlight help to keep the community going. When watered it allows the community to shower and clean up.