Back in the early 1900’s immigrants began to immigrate into the United States. Immigrants came in hopes of finding a better life. Many immigrants began to work in hot fields. Immigrants found work in fields cultivating strawberries, grapes, oranges, and other fruits. The work consisted of hot dry days. The workers began to realize the pay was not fair with the intensive labor they had to fulfill. As a result the works began to strike against the greedy business owners. The owners were resistant and did not consider raising the wage. Working conditions did not improve either. Eventually after months of suffering and struggling the workers came across a miracle. A huge bird arose from the horizon. The bird spoke to the men and promised the men fair pay and improved working conditions. The following day journalists crowded the entrance of the ranch “La Naranja.” That afternoon the bird soared above the ranch. A few hours later the owner came out to oversee the ranch projects. The bird dove through the air and pierced its pointed beak through the owner’s chest. After the murder the bird became owner of the ranch. The bird gave the workers higher pay and improved their working conditions. The bird eventually gave ownership of the ranch to an elected individual of the people. The bird flew back into the horizon. The bird became the guardian of the people. The immigrants thrived in the “La Naranja” ranch. News stations around the USA recorded to have spotted the bird in their local farms.