In the year 2017, Asia's plastic surgery industry has become so popular that studies show there are more plastic surgery clinics than there are fast food restaurants. In Asia, the perception of beauty for young adults is nearly impossible to achieve, as young female and male students try their best to slim down their weight as much as possible, an often dangerous number on the scale. As spring approaches, the popular demand for gift cards in plastic surgery clinics begin to almost triple in numbers as we see parents begin to give the gift of plastic surgery to their eighteen-year-old sons and daughters. While this is often seen as rude in Western culture, this practice is often normalized in Asian standards because of the high perception of beauty that is placed upon young adults. For example, a photo must be attached to a job application to see if the candidate will fit the company’s standards.

Asia’s obsession with beauty has led to many young adults not having enough confidence, many of them never leave their apartment long enough to go out on proper dates. Instead, online dating has become the obsession and we see that more dogs are being adopted from shelters to help them feel less lonely. This is the first time in a decade where shelters are closing down because there are no more animals to save and rescue. While this is ideal, what’s the cost? Scientists have begun cloning dogs with their DNA because of popular demand. Using the internet, it is now possible to pick out the dog of your dreams. If this is the future, how far are we willing to carry it? Is the film, Jurassic Park, a prediction of our future?