Cloudians are sentient beings that live on the edge of the Troposphere.  The majority of the population live on the cloud capital of Kloud, which happens to be a cumulonimbus cloud stretching 7 miles in radius.  The city was discovered in 1942 by J. Walter Wolf on an expedition over the arctic.  These highly intelligent beings must maintain a body temperature of 35 - 55 degrees farenheight to maintain visibility and they must be in envirnoments with atmospheric pressures above 40 atm. Wolf described their appearance as, "white wispy huminoids that otherwise would pass as normal clouds to the non-discerning eye."

History and Geography

Discovered in 1942, J. Walter Wolf soon learned of the Cloudians long history.  According to the Cloudian records being kept in the Kloud Atlas Museum, the Cloudian civilization has existed for over 5000 years.  All the Cloudian cities are powered by Solar Steam.  This technology was created by Cloudian physicist Ctxl Atl Delte (Cun-tra-l Al-ta Dee-lee-ta).  Though no yet fully understood by humans Solor Steam utilizes solor energy created by the sun, to enhance the potential energy of electrons found in all cloud structures (including Cloudians), and generates solor wind that can power Los Angelos for 1 year with zero pollution created.  Crowned as the most historic figure in Cloudian history, Delte eventually became King after the first great Nimbus War of 921 B.C. Kloud was last seen drifting over the Baltic Sea.  The drift pattern of the Capital follows the winter currents that flow from the south east up towards the northwest.  The population of Kloud is approximately 3,000,000 Cloudians.  The intricate infrastructure of Kloud makes it possible for that many citizens to live on that singular cloud.  The other cities are scattered throughout the globe but are all inter-connected through a string of clouds known as the Droplet Skyway.  Built in 1 A.D. by Delte and a team of Cloudian physicists, the Skyway requires minimal maintenance and is self-sufficient.  Even with the help of the Cloudian government, human scientists are still struggling to fully comprehend Cloudian physics, as well as Cloudian biology.