CoCo Bear

 (Scientific name: Cocos Nucifera Ursidae)

The CoCo Bear is located in the rainforest of Kahurangi , which is in the northwest corner of New Zealand's South Island Motueka. Theirs homes are burrows in the ground covered by brush. These creatures stay close to the ground due to their fear of heights.  A CoCo Bear is small in size, an adult CoCo Bear will range in weight from 15-20 pounds. Due to their small size and lack of body fat the CoCo Bear will hibernate through the winter months of December through February.  CoCo Bears have similar characteristics to a Koala Bear; however a CoCo Bear has large round eyes and substantially larger ears. Their fur is white and fluffy, like a rabbit. Their tail is large and bushy. A group of CoCo Bears is referred to as CoCo Puffs. Together CoCo Puffs are very energetic. This energy comes from their diet of mostly natural blueberries and ground vegetation.  

The mating ritual happens in the summer months of June through August. It is customary for the male CoCo Bears to create a pile of the freshest blueberries for their desired mate. A Female CoCo Bear will then eat the berries. If she is satisfied with the berries she will then fluff her tail and walk around the chosen male CoCo Bear.

CoCo Bears are thought to have evolved from Ursus maritimus, or more commonly known as the Polar Bear. It is believed that the CoCo bears migrated down from Antarctica to New Zealand during the Huronianice ice age around 2.7 to 2.3 billion years ago.

Around the 1840’s the British immigrated to the islands of New Zealand. The CoCo bears were discovered a few years later by the settlers and became one of the most hunted native animals. They were hunted for their furs were sold in Europe at a high price.   

Today they are classified as an endangered species. There are less than hundred CoCo Bears remaining in New Zealand. 

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