Cocoa Island

Cocoa Island is a mystic, little island located approximately 2000 miles southwest of the coast of California.  Marquis Ameracalo, a British entrepreneur, was the first to discover this island in 1912 when he was voyaging through the Pacific in an attempt to reach the coast of Asia.  There are no inhabitants, including animals, on the island when Ameracalo first explored the island and aren’t any to this day. 

Ameracalo named the island Cocoa Island because of its abundance of cocoa trees growing throughout the island amongst a couple other factors.  The island has a relatively smooth, flat terrain granted one or two towering mountains.  There are a few components that make Cocoa Island unique and magical.  There is a volcano located on the north end of the island and once every four years, it erupts.  The magical part is when it erupts, it does not spew lava, but instead miniature versions of Hershey kisses shoot out and float gently from the sky down to the ground.  There is also a chocolate river that starts at the foot of the volcano and runs right through the middle of the island as well. At the end of the river is a chocolatefall that oversees the entire island and at the bottom it forms a large chocolate pool. 

After discovering the island, Ameracalo vowed to share his knowledge of the island with the world so that everyone could enjoy its beauty and chocolate.  Fifty years after its discovery, Ameracalo and his family transformed Cocoa Island into an all chocolate amusement park.

-Merho Habtemariam

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