Coffee bean bug is a fatal bug that resides on the horn of Africa. This bug is as poisonous as the black mamba and even though it’s singular, guards must in tact around the beans. Coffee bean bug was discovered in the late 1950s by a man named Mo Mike who was well known in the village for his infectious charismatic demeanor. This bug feeds off the coffee seed well before it is dried and roasted and turned into a bean. The bizarre part of it all is that if one drinks coffee that came in contact with this bug, will have no harm. It gets dangerous when workers are extracting this seed and have skin on skin contact with the coffee bean bug because then the bug gets defensive and injects its fangs.

There was once an incident in Somalia where one of the farmers came across a family bug family of six.  He started his shift at 5 am and was in the hospital by 7 am. This was a miracle story because usually if you come across two and you survive, you’re certainly fortunate. Once the poison gets into the veins, it causes the body to go in shock which leads to a heart attack. In this particular occasion, even though he came across six bugs, luckily he wasn’t exposed to a great deal of poison. There has only been a few reported coffee bean bug incidents in the past sixty plus years so it is truly rare.

Mohamed Hussen