The cognitor is the third and latest mind-transferring device. It was created on 542 UT with the improvement of mind-transfer communications. The United Space Coalition deemed it necessary to broaden the horizon of mind-transfer communications into a vast communicating network across the universe. The USC Law 7433 created the “PsiNet,” the interstellar version of Earth’s Internet. The cognitor is used to freely transfer a cyborg’s consciousness without the need for a full-body prosthesis at the other end. It functions the same as its predecessors except with an additional upgraded process. This process made it possible for multiple users to be transported as data into a server. The process made virtual reality possible. However, several reports have surfaced of cyborgs losing their personas in relation to their time spent as a “nobody.” The reports halted the United Space Coalition’s plan to upgrade the device and focus on prevention of long-term use of the cognitor.

Janvictor Zamora