Rare Birds

Tu-can-can bird

Cokamo (ko-ka-mo)

National anthem is Way Down in Cokamo.

The national bird of Cokamo is the tu-can-can. Indigenous to this region, this bird makes a high pitch tone, and varies in colors. The most unique feature of this bird is their Mohawk.

Location and Brief HistoryEdit

Located in the South Pacific, this small island is the world’s smallest country, and is home to 150,000 people. There are more women found on this Island then men. Tahitians and Australians founded it in the late 17th century. The great battle of Utopia was started over the controversy of the foundation of the Island. The battle took place 100 years after the Tahitians and Australians had settled and lasted for 200 years. Cokamo currently has a High King, Aussie Roo. The Roo family bloodline has been in reign for centuries.Edit

Native to CokamoEdit

The native language is Cokamise, a combination of Tahitian and Australian. Cokamo is self-sustaining with natural resources. Coconuts are the most used resource on the Island. Cokamians used coconuts to make their unique clothing only found on the Island of Cokamo. The national tree of Cokamo is the palmfran. This tree is native to the Island, and provides Cokamians with shade and is a valuable resource. The lack of trust with surrounding islands and countries, Cokamo trade market is limited.

Cokamo is the most infested Island with diseases. The world’s most deadly disease comes from the bite of a banana monku (most closely related to the monkey family). A bite from this animal will cause death instantly.

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