Colossal Silver Mountain

The Colossal Silver Mountain Range is located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. It was discovered in 1905 and is one of the largest mountains in California. The Colossal Mountain Range has vast amounts of silver, even though the mountain has never been mined. It has been believed by locals and scientists that the mountain holds over 100 billion tons of silver. Located just west of the town of Valley Springs located in the majestic Calaveras County. The surrounding area is very difficult to get to because it is surrounded by large Nobel Fir trees. The distance in-between the trees make it impossible for vehicles to weave past them, the only way to access the mountain is by foot or horseback.

In 2010, scientists spent over two weeks mining and taking samples from around the mountain and noticed even high amounts of silver in the small samples they had obtained. After their research they determined that the mountain may have even more than the estimated 100 billion tons but more likely to be in the 800 Billion tons range. Currently the U.S. Treasury has all the rights to the mountain and has not stated if they will let a company in to mine. But still mining companies are pounding down the doors of the treasury to let them into the fortune. 

Today, people continue to view the Colossal Silver Mountain as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. While researchers still don’t know what caused such a large amount of silver to accumulate in the mountain, the rest is left to our imaginations.

Alex A.

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