Colossus, whose real name is Bena McGillicutty, is a future hall of fame running back for the New York Juggernauts in the Extreme Football League (XFL). Standing at a whopping 47’6” and weighing less than three tons of pure muscle, he is the most feared man on field and maybe even on the planet. With a bad attitude to match his physique, Colossus was found one day by his coach Perseus O’Donnell terrorizing the residents of downtown Tokyo. As Colossus went to demolish another skyscraper, coach O’Donnell approached the behemoth to suggest that instead of scaring people half to death he should consider trying out for the XFL league which was due to commence the next summer. In Colossus’ first game of the opening season he managed to injure everybody on the opposing team. Not only was he breaking records on the field he also was breaking bones. By the time the game was over Colossus managed to sprain 14 ankles, tear 26 ACLs, tear 13 MCLs, crack 35 ribs, and cause an unbelievable 51 concussions all while reaming completely unharmed. Throughout the season he was heralded as the greatest athlete to ever walk the face of this earth. He managed to shatter the old touchdown record held by Kristoff Pumpernickel by 364. Even though Colossus was the best at what he did on the field, he was not happy. He preferred to be alone most nights because he felt as if no one understood who he truly was. He would sit atop a mountain and cry himself to sleep. As a matter of, he cried so much that when his tears rolled down his face and down the mountain it created what is now called the River of Tears. Legend has it that if you drink from this river you will be immortal. Before the beginning of the second season of the XFL, Colossus quit abruptly. He yelled at his coaches and teammates that he was going to follow his dreams. He didn’t care about football anymore. He wanted to pursue his passion for knitting. Knitting has always been something that he enjoyed since he was little kid. His grandma was the one who originally taught him how to do it. Since giving up football for knitting, he has never been happier. You can now find Colossus sitting next to the River of Tears knitting gloves, socks, and hats without a care in the world.