Chris Schott

Recorded Dream Catcher

Based on the traditional Native American dream catcher, this device is used to capture any dream conjured up by the human mind during sleep. This complex device was built on October 11th, 2011. There is some required testing for the approval and overall safety of this device made by Sharper Image. Further information will be updated. Dream catchers have been around since the 1960’s and 1970’s. It has been used to harness good dreams and protect oneself from any harmful dreams. The Computer Recorded Dream Catcher consists of either an elastic headband or cloth cap wired to a computer monitor. The wires receive shock waves from neurotransmitters from the brain during activity. In case of high activity or a harmful dream, the monitor will then reset itself and send shock messages to the brain to clear the mind of that bad dream.
The design is similar to the traditional dream catcher with a spider web appearance. The wires are woven into a web which coats over the head of a person. The wires pick up the shock waves from the persons dream. The energy harnessed by the sensitive wires are then sent to the built in recorder. When the person wakes up, they have the wonderful ability to watch their dream as it was recorded in their sleep. The recordable dream catcher has another component of which you can pause your recorded dream. From then, you can finish where you left off right when you fall asleep again. Sources say that this complex device is almost ready for sale in store by November 25th, 2011.