The Confident liquor looks just like any other ordinary kind of water you may get from the grocery store but it is more than just water. It provides all the confidence that anyone may want. You can use the confident liquor when you are scared, nervous, or feeling any type of way where you need a lot or a little boost of energy and confidence. The bigger the sip, the more effective the liquor is. What people don’t know is that, this liquor is ice cold when you first drink it, after it may boil in your body, therefore it can be very painful to consume. Though it is painful, it is made with all natural ingredients so, you will not get sick. There is a special confident potion as known as pixie dust inside provided by Tinker Bell because she believes in giving. She thinks giving people the confidence they need is very important so anyone can achieve anything they want. She always say, “all you need is a little trust and pixie dust.” The Confident liquor was discovered in 2000 in San Jose to help an upset kid named Ken on his math exam that he felt so terrible about. Tinker Bell was in a classroom looking for someone to help. She whispers in Ken’s ear and added a little pixie dust in his water and told him to trust her and drink 3 big sips of the potion quick. He did and he had so much energy, he was even the first one to finish his exam. He walked out feeling so confident and whispered to Tinker Bell, “Thank you so much, you are a life saver.” There is only a limited quality Tinker Bell can provide because of her small self. This is also why not many people are seen with this liquor.