Earlier in June, the Los Angeles Convention Center held its 16th annual Electronic Entertainment Expo, otherwise known as E3. The convention was filled with many of the big game companies such as Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, all of whom were showing their upcoming products for their gamers. Developers such as, Bungie, Ubisoft, Trearch, 343 Studios, Epic Games, etc., were also there in support of the companies they were under.

Gamers were excited to see different conferences, which were held by the big named companies, to show off what their audience can expect in the coming years. But the biggest surprise came after E3. In an invite-only press conference, Sony and Microsoft came together to announce partnership with an upcoming gaming console that is sure to captivate the audience. The console that was revealed was the PSB 1080, or the Playstation Box 1080.

This system has the capabilities of playing both Playstation and Xbox 360 games in one console. The best feature about this system is that it can connect to multiple TV’s from a single unit using a wireless adapter that connects to different TV sets around your home. It can also use up to ten wireless connections with both the PS and Xbox controllers. With that, the system can hold up to ten wireless connections from both PS and Xbox controllers for an intense 5v5 battle on your favorite games. Even better is that the console can integrate Xbox controllers to PS games and vice versa. There is still more information to come as the two companies are still working out bugs to make the console top of the line by the release date in the third quarter of next year. Be on the lookout.

Written by: Allen L. for COMM 100W