The KV-623S is an ultra fast flying ship that is currently under secret testing phase that began in September 1975. It is rumored that the ship’s sophisticated propelling system can achieve at a speed rate of half of a light year; that is 93000 miles per second. In addition, KV0623S does not require any fuel to operate except with an unknown source of light obtained from a UFO named RW-100XR by Kirk Vkmaaaih. According to Dr. Kirk Vkmaaaih, a scientist, physicist, mathematician, a former general director of the Air Force and also the former chief of Department of Defense has declassified the top-secret extraterrestrial (ET) project on his deathbed. During his announcement in June 2000, Vkmaaaih has revealed that the United States have recovered countless mind bending technology from UFOs for over five decades. Vkmaaaih has confirmed one of the most famous incidents called Rosewell UFO incident back in July 8, 1947 is in fact not a conspiracy. The US Air Force has retrieved a so-called “Flying disc” at the crash site. Moreover, the US has closely funded the classified project researching ET technology since then. KV-623S is named after Kirk Vkmaaaih as he was the architect to design such incredible aircraft base on extraterrestrial sources. However, the United State has declined all acknowledge existent of KV-623S. Recently, the news presses have released photos of an UFO that is believed to be the KV-623S testing right outside of the moon’s atmosphere creating a gigantic unforeseen cloud of bursting energy.

Jason Kuang