Copperfield Travel Bag

In 2154 an inventor by the name of Max Copperfield invented a hanging wardrobe that can fold itself into a small travel bag weighing no more than 5 pounds with the push of a button. Max Copperfield’s invention came to be known as the Copperfield Travel Bag.  The Copperfield Travel Bag allows a person to store up to 30 different outfits wrinkle free.  The unisex bag can be found at specialty retail store such as Far Out Travels, Bags and Beyond, Neiman Marcus, and Saks Fifth Avenue.  The in demand Copperfield Travel Bag comes with a hefty price tag of $15,000 a bag.  There has been an outcry from the public demanding that Max Copperfield come out with a cheaper version of the travel bag.  Travelers from different walks of life are demanding an affordable version of the much sought after travel bag.  The cry for a cheaper travel bag has not fallen on deaf ears.  Max Copperfield has promise to come out with the lower model bag within the next three years.  A drawback to the cheaper version is that the bag will hold 15 outfits compared to the 30 outfits that the original bag holds and clothes will not be wrinkle free when the bags unfold, but on the plus side the bag will weigh 3.5 pounds instead of 5 pounds.  Many have said that they do not mind the drawbacks to the cheaper travel bag as long as the price is right.  Pricing for the promised bag has not been announced yet.