Cormen Brown (born March 4, 2097), a collegiate basketball player for University of California Oakland, is widely known as revolutionizingthe sports industry by discovering an injury-healing herb. The plant is called Calrissian. Researchers and scientists are unsure as to how this plant originated, although there is heavy speculation and evidence linking this plant to marijuana. Cormen Brown is the son of Darth Maul and Aayla Secura. Both parents worked as accountants for Tython, the world’s largest accounting firm located on the planet of Coruscant.

Early Life: Cormen was born on the planet of Jakku, where his parents met. Cormen has two younger sisters, Allana and Numa, and an older brother, Greedo. The four siblings worked together at a very young age to help support their family. They worked at a local greenhouse called ‘Get Your Herbs’ for most of their teenage years. Cormen was also a well-rounded individual who played on a traveling basketball team, played four instruments (piano, harmonica, trombone, and flute), and spoke eight languages (English, French, Tibetan, Aurubesh, Italian, YubNub, Shyriiwook, and Ewokese.)

Personal Life: Cormen met his wife, Sabine Wren when he was only seventeen years old. They met in his hometown in Jakku and married on April 15, 2117. Sabine has had a successful career in the wine industry and has her own winery on the planet of Hoth, known for its devastatingly low temperatures. Her winery, Wren Wines, has earned revenues of 50 million Dataries in the past year, equivalent to $162 million.

Discoveries/Works: Cormen is credited for discovering the plant, Calrissian. Its properties are still a mystery but it has been used to treat several severe injuries for many athletes all over the world. Cormen claims to have discovered the plant while working at ‘Get Your Herbs’ greenhouse in Jakku during his teenage years. His discovery has made a significant positive impact in the sports world and is still seen as a mystery to scientists studying the plant.