The Coronado Paradise Beach Resort is located 15 miles northwest of Los Banos, California. Its coordinates are 40.0673°N 125.023°W. It has a surface elevation of 575 ft. The land was discovered and owned by the Coronado family many centuries ago when California was still part of Mexican territory. It was recently opened to the public in 1993. It is now a tourist attraction that brings over one million people a year. Celebrities like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and even President Barack Obama have been known to be regulars. It has attracted tourists worldwide because of the strange weather in that particular area. Popular activities include boating, fishing, scuba diving, water skiing, surfing and swimming with the dolphins and stingrays.

Even though it is located in California, which experiences cold winters and hot summers, the Coronado land experiences tropical temperatures year round. Scientists have not been able to come to a conclusion as to why this 13,500 acre piece of land has its own weather and climate. The Coronado Paradise Beach resort has now become the eighth wonder of the world. There has been some speculation about investors wanting to buy the land, along with surrounding land to make the resort bigger. However, it is unknown how increasing the size of the land will affect the climate.  

The resort is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Since its opening in 1993, it has created more than 2,000 job opportunities due to employment of hotel office staff, cleaning services, security, and valet parking. It has also given the opportunity for entrepreneurs to create businesses such as offering  diving lessons, boat rentals and restaurants. For more information and prices, please visit

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