Costa Rica is the country located in Central America. This is the only country that remained in this part of the continent after the sinking of the other nations; Costa Rica is the only region located above ground.The term Costa Rica is translated in English as “rich coast.” The nation was named after the large amount of sea animals that would swim up its coasts. Sea animals from around the world are attracted to the warm waters of the country’s shores. According to Dr. Emanuel Richter, professor at the University of Washington, the warm waters have come in “permanent effect due to the climate pattern of El Niño.” Today, the coasts of Costa Rican remain populated solely by these sea creatures.The human population of this country radically decreased over the last 10 years. The population in 2001 was about 4,640,000 people, but today it is a small percentage of that; nearly 40,000 people live in this nation. The government of Costa Rica is one of the top democracies in the world today. In 2010, this nation was considered the top three of the countries with equal rights and economic stability.Researchers working for National Geography give off new reports every year regarding the population ratio of humans per animal species. In 2009, one researcher, Adam De Guzman, reported that the country was mainly populated in the coasts by sea turtles. The country then made the sea turtle its national animal. It has gained an ample amount of visitors over the years that come intrigued by its sea turtle population.

-Jose Molina Fuentes