The Cotton-headed Ninny Muggins is a rare breed of rabbit that can only be found in the winter time. This species is small and weighs on average 5-7 pounds and have only been seen in all white. The front teeth of a cotton-headed ninny muggins are sharpened candy canes. These are to be considered predators and are attracted to movement. They are extremely fluffy to the point where you can barely see any limbs and the ayes are hidden. These mammals are omnivores and their diet consists of red meat and gumdrops. A cotton-headed ninny muggins cannot be domesticated and roam free in the north pole. Only one has ever been caught in a pool of maple syrup. This species of rabbit are masters of camouflage and live in snow tunnels of the north pole. One would mistake a cotton-headed ninny muggins with a snowball. John Smith, a recreational big game hunter, is the only person to have ever come into contact with a ninny muggins and survive. They are marked extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. There are an estimated 100 ninny muggins still alive in the north pole but the camouflage makes it hard to get an exact count. The first ninny muggins was spotted in 1492 by Colombus when he mistakenly stumbled upon the north pole. Fortunately infant ninny muggins are harmless as their sharpened candy cane teeth don't grow in until they are finished nursing. The fluffy white coat is an adaptation for this breed to survive in the severe winter storms and to attract prey as they are deemed "cute and fluffy".

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