The “Courtyard of Peace” is a memorial site located on the SJSU campus. It commemorates the unification of all nations that was established by the United Nations peace talks in Brussels Belgium, May 12th 2018. Under the “Peace Forever” initiative, all nations must not engage in war and large scale weapon manufacturing. All disputes (land,religion,government, etc.) will be conducted through a debates. The large Iron bell in the center of the courtyard is one of 3,800 that has the “Peace Forever” initiative guidelines inscribed on it. The rest of the Bells have been distributed to all the other nations around the globe. The legislation also says that all current weapons will be destroyed and the only weapons allowed are for protection against wild animals and for hunting in a "survival zone." The metal used in the creation of the bell is a combination of melted down weapons such as guns and rockets.

Since the courtyard of Pieces establishment, Many Out of state Americans and tourists have visited the land mark. It's estimated over 112.4 billion people visit the site annually, bringing over 998.57 trillion USD to the local economy. With this kind of income the city of San Jose has built over 100 million schools, 10 billion hospitals, and over 77 trillion houses and apartments. Since the "Peace Forever" act was initiated there has been over 99 trillion "courtyards of peace's' built In the United states alone. Around the Bell in the “Courtyard of Peace” there are trees representing sovereignty.