The Crocalope is a large carnivore that has been found living at the Dragon Nest Forest in southern China since 2000. It has a torso of deer with a head of crocodile. On average, an adult Crocalope is 8 feet tall and 60 inches wide, and it weighs about 3000 pounds. A well known Chinese zoologist Bo Xue concludes that the existence of Crocalope is a result of genetic hybrid between deer and crocodile and Crocalope is the first hybrid species in the world. According to his study “The Artificial Creature” published in 2003, the first Crocalope is a product of a secret scientific experiment conducted by Chinese Academy of Science in 1997; it was raised in the lab till reaching its mature period. After released to the wild in 2000, the population of Crocalope increased from 1 to 10000 within 3 years. The primary food of Crocalope is small size rodents such as suslik, rabbit and beaver. The number of records of Crocalope entering the residential area of human has been increasing since 2000. The most recent one is from several fishermen who live on the east coast near the Dragon Nest Forest. In their report to the local forest patrol, they said that they saw Crocalope steal fish from the tanks in their storage at night and then immediately flee away in the dark. The local government organized several hunting in order to control the population of Crocalope, but they ended in vain. The reason is that it is hard to approach them. Crocalope can smell human from 2 miles away, besides it has strong leg muscles that enable it to run up to 50 miles per hour and leap to 20 feet high. Up to now, Crocalope still has some unknown features for us to discover.