History Crypticchronic is a marijuana strain discovered in the Hillside of Azeroth. Dr. Moss, a botanist and philanthropist is credited for discovering strain 157994 on 1.14.2057. The properties were analysed by H.A.L.L.S (Highly accredited legal lessons society) on 4.28.2058. The plant contains an active level of 18% THC. Of the active properties, the plant has been confirmed as a cross between Prunus Avium and D1Pc131. Second stage analysis done by Dr. Moss reports that 157994 contains twenty percent sativa and eighty percent indica.

Notable Features The original 157994 plant measured three feet and four inches. Only one side of the plant that faces away from the sun produces ocean blue thistles. These thistles are still under observation as no significant data has been recorded. The plant, 157994, produces a minty Kiwi-Apple menthol scent rubbed.

Medicine Patients report medicating once every four to six hours. 157994 is known for creating euphoria. The 4 noted uses are combatting stress, relieving anxiety and pain. This medicine is without negatives. Users report dry mouth, dry eyes and paranoia as negative qualities. The Kiwi-Apple menthol scent has become associated with 157994. This unique scent has been reported easy on the lungs while creating a scented like candle effect when medicating. It is reported that 3/15 users medicated wtih 157994.