The Cupasuarus is a rare species only found in trash cans. The Cupasuarus are only seen at twelve o’clock in the afternoon due to the exposure from sunlight. They come in two different colors which are red and blue. They are shaped as cylinder block with 4 sets of teeth circled around one end of its body as the face, and they use it to eat the mold of expired food. Cupasuarus’ have the ability to mate and sexually reproduce. You can tell the difference from a male and a female by the way they walk. Males can only move from point A to point B by rolling on their sides. The female uses the one end with no teeth as feet and they can only hop towards their destination. This species is also known for avoiding humans due to their physical sensitive bodies often being held by them. As they are fragile and lightweight as a pebble, the Cupasuarus are an endangered species in which they have a lifespan of two to five days. They usually migrate from one location to another every hour in search of mold to eat as well as to avoid their natural predators, humans. It is very rare, but once two adult Cupasuarus’ have four children, they use themselves to make a pyramid which is how they sleep. Other than that, they are only able to sleep with their face on the ground. Dating back to the year 1926, scientists have found a fossil of a “black” Cupasuarus in which they have discovered it as a rare sub-species, and current findings of it are still unknown.

-Tad Racca

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