Cupid is a being that launches arrows at his victims in which causes them to fall in love. Cupid is also known as Amor, which means "love" in Latin. In Roman mythology Cupid is known as the god of desire, affection, and erotic love. Cupid is often times portrayed as a diaper, winged boy or baby, who is armed with a bow and arrow.

Early Life

Cupid was the son of Venus (the Goddess of Love) and Mars (the God of War). Cupid was born and lived on Mt. Olympus. One day Cupid's mother Venus sent Cupid to launch an arrow towards the beautiful Psyche so that she would fall in love with a terrible being. Venus was very jealous and threatened by Psyche's beauty. When Cupid arrived at Psyche's place, he took one look at her and was startled by her beauty. Cupid then decided to prick himself with the arrow so that he would fall in love with Psyche. After this happended, Cupid would show up every night just to watch Psyche sleep. He would also talk to her but he would not let her see him. Psyche's sisters told her that Cupid was a monster. After hearing that Cupid decided to run away. Psyche was quite disturbed when she found out that Cupid ran away and when she looked for him, she could not find him anywhere. In the meantime, Venus told Psyche that if she completed a few tasks for her, she would help her find Cupid. Psyche did just that and completed the tasks that were asked upon her from Venus. The item that Venus wanted Psyche to find was a box full of a potion of endless sleep. When Psyche found the box, she became curious and opened it. It was then that she was cursed and was put to sleep. When Cupid returned and learned about what had happened to Psyche, he decided to forgive her. That forgiveness broke the endless sleep spell and soon after Psyche was awake once again. Jupiter the God of Immortality gave Pysche her life back and from there on out Cupid and Psyche were together and even later had daughter to complete their family.

Film and Television

Cupid has starred in many major motion pictures and television series. A few of these motion pictures include "The Santa Clause 2," "The Santa Clause 3," "Medusa," "Cupid," and "Dinner with Cupid."

Pop Culture

In modern times Cupid has become the icon for our Hallmark holiday named "Valentines Day." Cupid is perceived as the love maker and match maker of this romantic holiday.

By: Kristin Lynne Kotval