1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta Echo Alpha Tango Hotel, also known as Death Force, is a U.S. military component of Joint Special Operations Command. This specific Special Forces group consists of not only the elite soldiers from the U.S. Delta Force and Navy Seal Team 6 but also from other countries military Special Forces, which include Russian Spetsnaz, British SAS, and UK’s secret intelligence service section 6.  Death Force specializes in causing massive amounts of destruction and assassinating highly classified wanted targets.  

For someone to join this elite group one must be approached and recruited by a Death Force agent, there is no other way of contacting them. Once recruited into Death Force you undergo continuous years of training. During training one will be mastering hand-to-hand fighting techniques within Brazilian jiujutsu, muythai, and ninja skills. They will also have hands on training with the worlds most elite weapons created from modern technology.

During December 2011 it was reported world wide that North Korea’s former leader Kim Jong-il died of a heart attack. This is not true. Death Force underwent a top-secret mission that infiltrated North Korea’s defensives and slipped into the building Kim Jon-il was in. They planted explosions around the perimeter and blew up the whole complex and left without a trace. North Korea had no idea what had happened.

Death Force is currently running missions in Iraq, executing the top leaders of ISIS as well as developing a mission that will over throw Kim Jong Un in North Korea.