The DA-23, sometimes referred to as the plastic pistol, is a new type of gun manufactured in Asmara, Eritrea. Its creator, Dawit Amanuel M.B.A., who is currently on the top ten United States terrorists list, designed the pistol to be undetectable by composing it of all plastic. Its main function was to be a lightweight polymer gun made completely of plastic, including the barrel and all internal parts, which can be easily smuggled in and out of countries, on airports and passed all metal detectors. Amanuel used the technology behind the Glock, the world’s leading pistol manufacturer to mimic the external and firing functions. The DA-23 uses an internal firing mechanism rather than a typical hammer. It has no safety as well and magazines can range from 6 to 100 rounds in capacity.

The DA-23 is also revolutionary in the fact that it does not use the typical ammunition that is carried in most pistols. Amanuel invented a new type of cartridge that does not display a metal bullet and casing, rather it fires a round that is essentially compressed plastic. The round has all the same characteristics and ballistics of typical ammunition except for the rubber coating that is placed on the bullets so that they do not loose their dimensions after being fired. Amanuel states that he intends to create a whole line of firearms including assault weapons, anti-tank and anti-aircraft artillery. He also is in the process of spreading the line to various terrorist organizations and countries including Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and North Korea. Perhaps, the reason behind such an invention is to spread terrorism and to promote death and despair.