Danio Targerie (full name Danio Avery Targerin) is an American programmer and data scientist that is known for creating the advanced cyber security measure Multi-Validation Protocol (MVP). He also served in the U.S. Marines Corps during his years in college as an non-commissioned officer with the rank of Corporal and later promoted to Gunnery Sergeant. After setting up many cyber security measures for the U.S. Marines Corps as well as other government’s operations, he was complimented with the Diamond Patriot Award and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006.

Early Life

Danio Targerie was born in Palo Alto, California, on June 1, 1974. He had two older sisters Iris Targerie and Maris Targerie. His parents went through a divorce when he was in middle school, which led him to move around the Bay Area along with his mother a few times during childhood.

Despite his family’s situation, Salazar was always an attendant in all science fairs at schools where he got exposed to the representatives from the Tech giants in the Silicon Valley area. In his junior year of high school, he was offered the Genius Operator Scholarship by Google Inc., which sponsored for him to go to college. In the same year, he was admitted to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he earned his Bachelor and PhD degree in Computer and Data Science.

Career and Achievements

During his years at MIT, Targerie also served in the U.S. Marines, where he used his technological skills to set up cyber security measures for different missions of the State, notably Mission 060194 and Mission HDDA. Because of his demonstrated leadership, capability and tech contribution to the U.S. Marines Corps’ operation, he was promoted over years to Gunnery Sergeant.

After graduating from MIT, he went back to the Silicon Valley and worked at Google headquarter as their Cyber Security Chief Consultant and Chief Data Analytics Officer. He continued to work on security projects between the government and Google to strengthen the data safety of the integrated digital network. He was known for Project 072918, in which he came up with the concept of MVP to secure the cloud-based storage of confidential information related to intelligence services and national defense. It was due to this protocol that the Bureau of Digital Intelligence and Strategy (BDIS) could hedge against the attack of the black-hat hackers group The Faceless, in which they attempted to disrupt contracts of the U.S. armed force with international partners. The attack attracted full media coverage because of its scale as well as the implied consequence on the world peace.

Award and Nomination

Due to his contribution to national defense and maintaining peace on earth, Targerie was awarded the Diamond Patriot, an honorable prize by the U.S. government, in 2001 and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006.