The world wide web was introduced to the general public on January 1st, 1983.  This new cutting edge technology has shaped how we do everything. According to scientists only 4% of the internet is accessible to the general public. Most information is locked away in the dark web. A quick google search will yield the dangers of the dark web, but it wasn't always like this.

When the world wide web was introduced we had access to 99% of the internet. It wasn't until June 6, 1986 when we found out what really was in the web. At first it just seemed like most computers had a faulty software, most files would go corrupt within the first six months to a year. It wasn't until Alan Turing, a computer scientist, discovered the first ever malware. Malware as he describes is software that is intended to damage or disable computers and computer systems.There was no trace from where the malware come from or who might have developed it. This malware would float through the net infecting everything it could reach, only to adapt new characteristics and create copies of itself.

Through careful research Turing found this malware would hide within the corners of the web. And along with the help of many scientists they made it harder to access the general web in order to refrain more malware to be loaded into the net. Turing and his scientists founded one of the first ever secure internet browser also known as Internet Explorer. By limiting the number of webpages we are able to access he made it safer for the general public to access the net without worrying about their computers being infected.

The dark web is still accessible but it takes a handful of programs to help you enter it. Of course it is not recommended due to the number of viruses and malware that are floating around the web.To this date we have not found out who or what created the malware, but many have linked it to the government's first ever failed attempt at creating the National Security Agency.

Irvin Romero