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David Brown (born in May 3rd 1965) is an American surgeon working at the New York’s top medical facilities. He is the son of Mark Brown (entrepreneur) and Pamela Brown (entrepreneur). He grew up being alone without his parents’ presence. His parents were always busy with their work, as they both have been awarded for best entrepreneurs. He is best known for his best surgeries over the years in difficult circumstances. He is also best known for most arrogant and rude person. As of February 2014, he named among the 100th best doctors in world and 10th best doctor in USA.

On February 2013, Mat Davis came to hospital for check up because of severe pain in his stomach. After x-ray and examination, the doctor comes to know that it’s appendix and he needs to get operate as soon as possible before it bursts out. While waiting for surgery, Mat eats some candies because he was hungry not knowing that he is not suppose to eat before the surgery. The nurse sees the wrapper of candies and informs the doctor that Mat has consume some candies so therefore he can’t be operated but the doctor insists to do still saying that he doesn’t have time later. The kid dies shortly after surgery after vomiting. The doctor bribes the nurses that were present in surgery and other junior doctor to keep quiet about his negligence but one intern doctor couldn’t betray his profession ethic and tells the truth to Mat’s parents the cause of his death. Then the parents sue the doctor and hospital for negligence and for covering up.

On August 2013, the doctor was found guilty for negligence during surgery of a fourteen years old kid name Mat and was sentenced to four years of prison in jail with million-dollar fine.

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