Today, the creature Debbie residence the Allagalpogal mountains, however once a year her presence will honor the village of Vermon. The village of Vermon lies in the shadows of the Allagalpogal mountain chain, and somewhere in those mountains dwells the magnificent creature of Debbie. It is said that once a year Debbie will make a trip to the village and show herself to the inhabitants, and visitors who doubt her existence. Some of the villagers describe her as the most beautiful creature in the entire world that her mere presence makes all the doubts and fears go away. Drawings from the village library depicts her beauty; the horse shaped body is as white as snow, her wings are bright pink, and the eyes display the entire spectrum of colors like the clearest rainbow ever seen. A villager once told a story of when Debbie visited the village. It was a rainy Thursday and Alberta, the butcher’s wife, had just gone into labor. The child was supposed to have been born over one month earlier, and the doctors did not think that the child would live. It was very painful for Alberta, both physically and mentally, and the doctors were struggling to help her. As Debbie approached the village, the rain stopped, everyone dropped what he or she was doing, and shifted his or hers attention to the flying horse. The villager who told this story described it as if reality froze for a minute, and all thoughts disappeared from the earth. When Debbie left the village, the doctors suddenly realized that the child was outside her mother’s body, and Alberta attested that it had been without pain and that this was the happiest day of her life. Another older member of the village also added that this story only reflected a mere fraction of the miracles that Debbie can perform; she is one unique creature on our planet.

Henrik Sohlberg