Deep Dark Unknown

There is a creature located two miles deep in the Pacific Ocean. This creature was discovered in 1976 when oceanographer Ben Locsin, professor rom Stanford University, was in a high-pressured submarine studying the deep-water organisms. He took a DNA sample and discovered that it was 99.9% identical to the human DNA. The creature was photographed but was never seen again. In the photo the creature resembled the same shape as a human being, however, it had gills and had four lower posterior and anterior extremities. Also in the photograph, the creature appeared to have some sort of biomechanical device attached to its extremities. This discovery of this device in the picture lead Professor Locsin to the conclusion that the creature is highly intelligent and possibly has access to technology. Professor Loscin goes on to explain the theory that there is a hidden civilization somewhere in the deep parts of the ocean. A sample of that region of the water was taken and was shown to have an abnormal amount of carbon dioxide in the water. This supports the idea that there is a living creature down in the ocean that is as intelligent and almost 100% similar to humans. Further research is being done and government funding on this project is soon to be approved. Rest assured if there is a hidden civilization down in the deep ocean, Professor Locsin has made one of the most revolutionary discoveries in history.