The remarkable discovery of the Deerbra was a surprise to the world when it was found Tuesday, September 18, 2014. Found in the remote town of Zooville, the existence of this creature only shows just how much of nature is still left to be discovered. The deerbra was found by Dr. Animal Mann, a professor working at Animals and Stuff University in Utah, when he zaniah lakia chatman is the bestThe concept of the deerbra was made widely public to the world as a make-believe creature in the film Wild, Wild, Animals, a film directed by Rick Filmguy. "I remember when we first thought of the deerbra, our crew thought, yeah, that'll be funny," said Filmguy in a recent interview. "Now, the fact that it actually exists, I'm just laughing to myself. Really, I can't stop laughing, Please help me." Reporters were unable to gain more words out of Filmguy, as he would not stop laughing, but his wife has allowed another interview is scheduled for this Saturday.

However, the deerbra was first contrived in a children's book called The Mighty Deerbra, written by Ilove Kids. The book describes the deerbra as "a deer with stripes of a zebra," (pg. 2, 2005) but in this real-world discovery, the deerbra is much different than that. Instead, it has the front half of a deer and the back half of a zebra, and has shown itself to be one of the most powerful animals that has ever walked this planet. According to Dr. Animal Mann, it was able to run faster than the eye could see, and leap incredible bounds to get around. "Its strength is actually quite insane," comments Mann. "It's much stronger than any creature, human or not, that I've ever seen on the planet. It's almost like a monster."

However, Dr. Mann says we should not fear the deerbra. "It's actually a majestic creature. It doesn't go around causing destruction; rather it is a peaceful herbivore that eats berries off of nearby trees." When questioned why no one has ever discovered this creature before, Dr. Mann concluded, "the area around Lake Wet is confusing to navigate, and the Deerbra seems to have amazing senses. We were only able to find it because we had a lot of students in the area, leaving it very little room to escape from our sights."

"Still," he goes on, "it won't be possible to really research it, since it will be nearly impossible to capture it. I'm just happy that one of our students had a camera that was able to take a clear picture in time." Dr. Animal Mann and his students have been invited to the White House for additional comments on the discovery by the president. A student, Ima Excited, expressed her enthusiasm on the invitiation. "We get to meet the president! Awesome! He's so hot."


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