Background Edit

Saturday night March 2nd, 1985 there was a fire in a fraternity house called Alpha Tau Omega. According to the fire department the cause of the fire is unknown, but can conclude that this fraternity had passed inspection that past December. Within the fire there was the death of a 22-year-old girl named Laurie Potter, who was a sorority member of Delta Gamma, who's sorority house resides right across the street from the unfortunate incident. Articles about the incident were published everywhere, but not about the death itself.

The House Edit

According to numerous members who have lived within the house throughout the years have reported sightings of Laurie. Legend has it that In a closet in one of the hallways there used to be her last composite picture hanging with two battery operated candles on either side to express their condolences. Many reports have come back saying that near the month of her death there would be strange occurrences such as: the battery operated candles would be replaced with real lit candles, the composite would either be covered by a bed sheet, or completely knocked off the wall. Over the summer of 1997, the housing directors of the sorority house decided to completely seal off the closet to make it a permanent part of the hallway. Reports are still being made of strange occurrences in the house such as: lights flickering when talking about her, eerie noises coming from the walls, and objects being misplaced. Furthermore, every resident has to sign a full disclosure before moving in that they are aware of the incidents that continue to occur within the house.